November Art Exhibit

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This month’s artist is Dona Guillo. Her show is titled “Time for Leaving” and includes many photos from around our region.
Dona is originally from Wading River, Long Island NY and has been a resident of Hadley for many years.
She has been taking pictures since she was 12yrs old. Her love of the natural world inspires her photography. People tell her, “You’ve got a good eye’ but in truth she tells them “I see with my heart”. Her Photo library is filled with images of God’s Creation- flowers, forests, landscapes, lakes and much, much more! Her favorite mediums are abstracts and macro photography.
Dona’s Photo Art is a reflection of her imagination brought to life as captured in the lens of her camera. These images are then digitally enhanced in order to highlight the beauty that surrounds us. She is not interested in awards or accolades but her heart’s desire is to create beauty, by expressing truth, as a labor of love by offering her art for all to enjoy.
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