Artist of the month of May is David Avigdor

My exhibit New York/Paris is at the Hadley-Luzerne Public Library, Main Street, Lake Luzerne. The exhibit is an exploration of similarities and differences between New York and Paris through the lens. I visited streets, churches, caf├ęs, subways and monuments of the two cities and present my photographic vision of them. It’s on display until May 29.david 1david 2

I photograph not to record only what I see, but to convey my reaction to those sights; to reflect a personal and emotional response to the people, places and things I encounter. My digital camera is a tool to interpret what I see. Minimal digital processing allows that interpretation to be refined to convey the reality that moves me, and the impact that a subject creates in me. I hope that my reactions to my subjects, be they images of beautiful parts of the world, or difficult ones, or quirky ones, are interesting and meaningful. Enjoy my reflections! David Avigdor

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