Jan 08

Artist of the month Veronica Madison

My name is Veronica Madison. I was born in Saratoga but spent my childhood growing up in Corinth. My parents told me I was a very active and creative child. I was always drawing and reading newspapers at a young age. I started my art by drawing the characters out of the Sunday comics from eye. 

My thirst for art grew as I reached grade school and into high school. I took advantage of every art class I could. I remember one of the hardest things to master was making both eyes on a face match and lining the nose up properly between the eyes. I still love to challenge myself however, and work out of my comfort zone. 

I am what you would call a “copy artist”. I paint what I see. Whether it be pictures, paintings, etc. I believe my art WILL lead to a better tomorrow. Only within the last four to five years have I been selling my artwork. It’s not steady but I get to do what I love and I feel at peace when I paint. Time almost just fades away. 

I have come to believe that two main factors determine success, a person’s own determination and their will to succeed. I made a goal and put my heart and soul into making it a reality. I ask you, when you look at a piece of any artwork, don’t just think about what the painter is trying to portray but about what they felt making it. 

Art is more than just visual. It’s spiritual as well. It’s deeper than just brush stroke on a canvas or pencil marks on paper. Art is also about how it makes you feel as well as how the artist felt when creating it. When you buy someone’s art, you’re buying their mistakes, accomplishments, hours of frustrations and experimentation, moments of joy, a piece of their heart and soul. You are buying a piece of their life! – Veronica Madison 

Veronica Art

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