Apr 08

Audio Books Are Here!!

Just click on the link to the left that says Audiobooks and you will go right to overdrive.   The service is FREE to you.  Never have a late fee again.   All you need is your library card.

After you click on the Audiobook link to the left you go to Overdrive. It says Salon Southern Adirondack Library On-Demand.  From there go to the quick start guide at the top left hand corner of the sceen.  This will guide you through the process quickly and easily as possible.

Basically you have to  1) Download the FREE Overdrive Media Console to your computer.  2) Activate the software to make sure it plays.  3) Select the books you want to listen to.  4) Download them to YOUR computer.  5) You can stop there and listen to them on your computer.  6) or you can download them to an MP3 player or apple device. Some you can even burn to a CD! 

We have a terrific selection of books with new additions all the time.  Enjoy!

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