November Artist

Our community room has a new artist displaying her art.  Jean Stratton was a summer resident for over 30 years.  Now she and her husband are happily in Hadley year round, living in a cabin they and their children built in the woods by a stream.

Jean is a graduate of Alma College, Ontario Canada and Pratt Institute, The Art School, in Brooklyn NY, where she majored in Illustration & Design.

Jean is an eclectic artist, having worked in a major advertising agency in Toronto Canada. She has done freelance art work for a number of newspapers and magazines and has taught and exhibited in Canada, the United States and Iran.  She and her husband lived and worked for 8 years in Teheran and Meshed, near the Russian and Afghan borders. Jean taught “Art in Everyday Life” in Iran’s Bethel College for Women, and has great love and respect for that country and its people. 

Jean’s primary focus has been to use the study, practice and teaching of art as a means of helping people to find deeper, richer meaning in their daily lives.  One avenue for this has been the combination of calligraphy and illustration of chosen texts of scripture, both Christian and those of other faith traditions.  Church banners, ceremonial garments, civic and historical displays, medical illustration, bulletin boards and furniture design have been undertaken along the way as well.

Jean loves this area and feels nourished by the beauty of the landscape, the goodness of the people she meets here day by day, and the love & fellowship of her family, friends and teachers who make this pilgrimage called Life so rewarding!

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