Stewart Dam Project

The Hadley-Luzerne Public library was awarded a grant from the Hawley Foundation for Children. With these funds, the Hadley-Luzerne Public Library is finishing up an oral history project concerning the construction of the Stewart’s Dam in Hadley. We would like to put out a last call to interview people who were involved in construction of the dam and also people who have/had family members who were involved. Also, if you have photos of the work in progress we will be able to include that as well.
DVDs will be produced from the interviews and will be given to the Towns of Hadley and Lake Luzerne. DVDs will also be given to other local libraries and local historical societies. Interested people may contact John Plantier, Coordinator, at 696-4285 or the Hadley-Luzerne Public Library at 696-3423.

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