Oct 12

Our event with Senator Betty Little Thursday, October 18

Betty Little

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Oct 02

Warren County Career Center Calendar of Events October 2018


Calendar Oct 2018

Sep 07

This Week’s Our Town News: October 18, 2018

This Week’s Our Town News: October 18, 2018

A Newsletter for members of the Fourth Lake Community and Friends


Jerry Lynch

Our good friend, the wonderful Jerry, is no longer doing lawn maintenance.  He will still be available for other non- lawn work.  Jerry has been scaling back his work load for some time.  He’s always been a staple of the Fourth Lake community and is entitled to semi-retire, but we will miss him.

 Reminder…State Senator Betty Little will be in Lake Luzerne tonight!


Good News! 9N Paving:

Motorists are advised to watch for road work on two separate segments of state Route 9N that are undergoing paving projects by the state Department of Transportation.  Paving is underway on an approximately 4.1-mile stretch of Route 9N from Exit 21 of the Northway to Gage Hill Road.  Watch for alternating single lanes of traffic controlled by flaggers during daytime hours through the week of Oct. 22.  An approximately 15-mile segment in Bolton and Hague is also being worked on.

Local Eateries:

According to a news release, Birch Bark Eatery, an all-vegan eatery, opened on Oct. 1.  The restaurant is located at 989 Route 9, which is near the Glen Drive-In and in the same building as the Knights of Columbus.  One of the signature items is the Reuben, which uses seitan, a vegan meat-free alternative made with wheat gluten. Other menu items include fried pickles with ranch dressing, tempura broccoli with garlic aioli, classic French onion soup, Cran-Faux-Turkey, barbecue jackfruit and other sandwiches. There is also a stuffed burger filled with chorizo garlic and a build-your-own burger option.

Fire Prevention:

Fall means the heating season has arrived, and with the use of wood stoves, furnaces, fireplaces and other heaters comes a higher risk of fires.  Annual inspections of heating sources are among the tips that local experts offer when gearing up for “Fire Prevention Week” each October.  In a typical home fire, you may have as little as one to two minutes to escape safely from the time the smoke alarm sounds. Knowing how to use that time wisely takes planning and practice.  This year’s “Look, Listen, Learn” campaign highlights three steps people can take to quickly and safely escape a fire:

  • Look for places fire could start.
  • Listen for the sound of the smoke alarm.
  • Learn two ways out of every room.

The Adirondack Film Festival:

The Adirondack Film Festival is underway in Glens Falls this weekend, with approximately 100 films to be shown.  See  http://www.adkfilmfestival.org/festival/schedule/ for the schedule.

Adirondack Folk School:

Barnes & Noble Bookfair to Benefit AFS

Share the news with friends and family far and wide and help raise money for the Adirondack Folk School. Let’s knock their socks off with the number of orders using our AFS Bookfair ID   #12421756

Saturday November 10, 2018 – in store

November 10-15, 2018 online

50 Wilton Square, Saratoga Springs, NY

 Barnes & Noble is hosting a bookfair to benefit the Adirondack Folk School at their Saratoga Springs location.  It’s Barnes & Noble’s way of giving back to the community.  A portion of the proceeds from your purchases will benefit AFS at no additional cost to you.  Come out and visit us on Saturday July 15 or make your purchases through Barnes & Noble online (www.bn.com) from November 10-15.  Please to use our bookfair ID #12421756 for all online purchases.

Jul 03

Warren – Hamilton Counties Office for the Aging Senior Newsletter

Summer Edition

July, August, and September


Senior Newsletter -Summer 2018 Edition (1)


Jun 12

The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate

The first book in New York Times bestselling author Peter Wohlleben’s The Mysteries of Nature Trilogy. Book two, The Inner Life of Animals, is available now, and the third book, The Secret Wisdom of Nature, is coming in Spring 2019.

Are trees social beings? In this international bestseller, forester and author Peter Wohlleben convincingly makes the case that, yes, the forest is a social network. He draws on groundbreaking scientific discoveries to describe how trees are like human families: tree parents live together with their children, communicate with them, support them as they grow, share nutrients with those who are sick or struggling, and even warn each other of impending dangers. Wohlleben also shares his deep love of woods and forests, explaining the amazing processes of life, death, and regeneration he has observed in his woodland.

After learning about the complex life of trees, a walk in the woods will never be the same again.

Includes a Note From a Forest Scientist, by Dr.Suzanne Simard

(Excerpt taken from Amazon Books)

Apr 20

Library Book Club Reading list (Book Club Meets second Thursday of each month at 4:00)

Book Club List 2018-19
Title Author Pick up Discuss Type
Tess of the D’Urbervilles Thomas Hardy 4/12/2018 5/10/2018 Fiction
Woodswoman Anne LaBastille 5/10/2018 6/14/2018 Non-Fiction
The Summer Before the War Helen Simenson 6/14/2018 7/12/2018 Fiction
Hillbilly Elegy J.D. Vance 7/12/2018 8/9/2018 Non-Fiction
A Man Called Ove Frederick Backman 8/9/2018 9/13/2018 Fiction
The Hidden Life of Trees Peter Wohlleben 9/13/2018 10/11/2018 Non-Fiction
A Wizard of Earthsea Ursula LeGuin 10/11/2018 11/8/2018 Fiction
The Book of Joy Dalai Lama & D. Tutu 11/8/2018 12/13/2018 Non-Fiction
The Martian Andy Weir 12/13/2018 1/10/2019 Fiction
The Swerve Steven Greenblatt 1/10/2019 2/14/2019 Non-Fiction
Hamlet William Shakespeare 2/14/2019 3/14/2019 Fiction
The Radium Girls Kate Moore 3/14/2019 4/11/2019 Non-Fiction

Mar 29

Jigsaw Puzzle Swap at the Library