Jim Hawkins Story Telling  Recording from November 14th
Recording. Jim Hawkins has a rich history of Irish/Gaelic storytelling. “My storytelling journey began in the Midlands of Ireland (County Westmeath). As a child I was fascinated by the storytelling skills of my Uncle Jack Fallon. Spontaneously, he could weave creatively stories about the local peoples and the everyday events of our community. Through him I saw the power of story to bring joy to people’s lives, to chronicle the important events of the day, …
Reading List for 2020-2021 20-21 Book Club List The book club will hold a meeting on October 8th from 4:30-6:30 in the community room area.  
Advanced Workstations Virtual Children’s Storytime: Part of the Summer Reading Series
REGISTER today to reserve your spot for our third and final storytime, part of our 2020 Virtual Summer Reading Series! We’ll be reading There Might Be Lobsters, written by Carolyn Crimi and illustrated by Laurel Molk. Storytime, presented via Zoom, is FREE to participate, but spots are limited! No need to have the book in front of you; our librarian will show the story as she reads it aloud! Click on link to register! http://r.newsletters.awelearning.com/mk/mr/VSj2JOsVCAsWhvXncKyUl_ti9TK2A5YJBcbc_Mgp8IM_IE6AsOpjOKp9vxHt044CMt-BruIIPL7_8xURa8bKRfjsgZ1RDLIx1kqdAW8Up9jcd4bjUwbS71t2qYuX