This is a blog.  This blog will allow you to access a lot of information about the library, your account, and the local area very quickly.  A blog also lets you leave comments for others to read.

Right up top you’ll find several tabs.  Each tab links to basic information that does not change often.  Some of the tabs have drop-down menus which will lead you to additional pages.  

Off to the right is access to many areas where you will need your library card. The card catalog is to find the items you are looking for like books and videos, your account lets you request and renew  materials, and of course links to your free access to research databases and audiobooks. (In case you hadn’t heard, you can now download all sorts of audio books to your Kindle or computer using only your library card – cool, aye?) The link “What’s New?”  That will bring you to a section in the card catalog to tell you new items that have been recently added to the collection at the Hadley-Luzerne Public Library. The next spot is where you can enter your email address. If you do this, you will automatically get an email every time I post new information to the site. Stay in touch with the free programs and activities here at your library!

Because your library is a great spot for information, I have included local area links. You can find classes at the folk school, what is going on at school, in Saratoga and Lake George. There is always something fun to do and your library will help you find the information you need.
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