Artist of the Month at the Library

Artist ValJean Collins

I am Val Jean, a self-taught artist with a love for all things beautiful. People, animals, nature and more, I want to capture them all and share them with you. I have almost always seen things differently; however, one piece of advice from an art teacher in grade school stuck with me, “Don’t draw what you know, draw what you see.” With that, I truly started to “see.” I saw color and light, I saw shades and tones, and even contrasts and blends. That was the start.

I have been drawing and painting for pleasure since high school where I received several awards in competitions. Over the years I branched out, developed and honed my artistic skills in different mediums such as jewelry, clay sculptures, paint, graphite drawings, colored pencil drawings and more. In recent years, I have worked almost exclusively with painting and drawing.

I hope you enjoy my first gallery showing as much I enjoyed creating each of these pieces.