Children’s Drawing class with Bruce Hiscock March 30th from 11:00 am – 12:00 noon

Drawing classes
These usually  involve drawing animals appropriate to the age and abilities of the participants. Everything from mice to bears, faces to birds, might be demonstrated depending on the group and their interests. Once we have the basics down, I give personal help to everyone. The goal is not to have their drawing look exactly like mine, but rather to assist them in creating their own version of the subject.
These programs are often given for students, but I really enjoy working with families too. Some wonderful things happen when parents and care-givers draw right along with the kids.
And as we draw, we learn things about our subjects. For example- why do mice have such big ears?
Bruce Hiscock is the author/illustrator of many award-winning children’s nature books, including THE BIG TREE, THE BIG ROCK, and OOKPIK- The Travels of a Snowy Owl. The author was originally trained as a chemist, Cornell, Ph. D., 1966, and travels from the Arctic to the deserts in search of stories. He lives in a little hand-built house on the edge of the Adirondack Mountains in New York State that delights visiting school groups. See for more information than you could possibly want.

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