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Our Town News:  June 3, 2019

     A Newsletter for members of the Fourth Lake Community and Friends


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There is a big tick infestation in the area.  Stan was bitten by one while going for a walk on Gailey Hill Road. Not all ticks are infected but if you are bitten by a tick (check daily) it’s best to be checked immediately at an urgent care center or emergency room.  An antibiotic (doxycycline) is often prescribed to successfully prevent an occurrence of Lyme disease or other tick-born illnesses.

Spraying yourself before working or playing outside can help you avoid being bitten.  A spray containing DEET is generally recommended.  An additional and stronger product for your clothing is to use REPEL, which contains Permethrin.  Though ticks can bite through clothing, REPEL is NOT to be sprayed on skin or on clothing while it is being worn.  It is to be appliedONLY on clothing before it is donned.

To learn more about symptoms see: www.drugs.com/health-guide/tick-bites.html

Tick removers and REPEL are available at many stores including Stone’s pharmacy.

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Ticks  Sizes              Typical Rash          or          Bulls Eye




There will be a Republican primary on June 25.  Lake Luzerne incumbents are noted by (Inc).

Position                       Candidates

County Level:

County Sheriff              SHAWN LAMOUREE

                                        JIM LAFARR

County Treasurer         MICHAEL R. SWAN  Running unopposed

County Clerk                 PAMELA J. VOGEL  Running unopposed

County Coroner           TIMOTHY MURPHY Running unopposed


Town Level:

Town Supervisor          EUGENE MERLINO (Inc).  Running unopposed.

Town Board – vote for 2:

                                        MARK MCLAIN (Inc)

                                        ANTHONY CIRILLO (Inc)

                                        PAUL LEWANDOWSKI

Town Justice – vote for 2:

                                        BRUCE HAYES (Inc)

                                        EUGENE KULES (Inc)

                                        FREDERICK GILLES

NOTE:  This is for the Republican primary only.  In the general election, Pamela Petteys, Democrat, will be on the ballot for town board running against the 2 Republicans who receive the largest number of primary votes.

DATE:                    Tuesday, June 25, 2019

TIME:                    12:00 pm – 9:00 pm

PLACE:                  Lake Luzerne Town Hall

                            539 Lake Avenue, Lake Luzerne




The Hadley Luzerne Public Library is holding a vote to re-charter on Tuesday June 25, 2019.  Over the last eighteen months, the library has engaged in a series of “community conversations.”  Through these conversations, the library learned about programs and resources community members want from their library, including expanded hours, early literacy programs, free-of charge community meeting rooms, outdoor event space, and book delivery to citizens with limited mobility, to name a few.

The re-chartering will include a budget initiative to meet these goals as outlined in Hadley-Luzerne Library’s 5 Year Strategic Service-Based Plan and eliminate the library’s current budget deficit.  Your vote will ensure the vitality of your library into the future and enable the library to engage its’ patrons and neighbors to create a vibrant and forward-looking community.  It is estimated that taxpayers will pay an additional $18 annually for each $100,000  of assessed home value.  If you want a speaker on this issue for your organization please contact John Plantier at 518-696-4285.

For information about the library’s strategic plan, budget and re-chartering initiative, please visithttps://hadluzblog.sals.edu, or attend the library’s board meeting on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm.

DATE:                    Tuesday, June 25, 2019

TIME:                    12:00 pm – 8:00 pm

PLACE:                  Stuart M. Townsend Elementary School

                               27 Hyland Drive

                               Lake Luzerne, NY 12846

For registered voters in the Hadley-Luzerne school district who want to vote by absentee ballot for the June 25th Library Vote, request a ballot by contacting:

     District Clerk Regina York

     Hadley-Luzerne School District Office

     27 Hyland Drive

     Lake Luzerne, New York  12846

 CALL: Regina York @ 518-696-2378  X 1108


Though 9N paving has been completed, there are signs saying that further roadwork will start on June 17.




Jim Lieberum of the Warren County Soil and Water District team will speak on the challenges that development, pollution, invasive species and overuse have had on our environment.

DATE:                    Thursday, June 13, 2019

TIME:                    7:00 pm

PLACE:                  Hadley-Luzerne Public Library,  19 Main St., Lake Luzerne


2.Civil War Event

Have you taken the time to consider the impact of the American Civil War on our

communities? Wondered how many men served from our towns? What life was like for

civilians during the war? What was the local community like during the war years?

What industries were going on and what new inventions were patented at that time?

The Hadley-Lake Luzerne Historical Society is currently seeking any information

regarding the impact the Civil War had on our area and its people. We are looking for

interesting facts, family stories, relics or legends to help us explore the Civil War era in

Hadley and Lake Luzerne and share it with the community in a meaningful and exciting


We want to partner with others in our communities that are passionate about local

history to help us keep history relevant, interesting and have a meaningful impact on the

local community and our visitors.

If you’re interested in local history and willing to share knowledge, ideas and support in planning and hosting a Civil War Era Weekend event September 7-8, 2019 with reenactors, music, food and other potential activities contact Sue or Ben at the historical society housed at Kinnear Museum of Local History.

Hadley-Lake Luzerne Historical Society

Community Events Committee Co-Chairpersons

Susan Wilder and Ben Kemp

518- 6696-4947 (Sue) or 518-538-8330 (Ben)

Note: If you cannot or do not wish to attend any meetings but still have something to share

(such as a family image, letter or story) please call the numbers above.


3. The Luzerne Man Who Fought on both Sides of the Civil War Thursday June 27th, 2019 at 7:00 pm

    “A Yankee Galvanized Yankee”

     The Luzerne Man Who Fought on both Sides of the Civil War

The American Civil War was far from a simple affair, for many it was a complex issue that split families and communities, forcing individuals to make hard choices.  Join Hadley-Lake Luzerne Historical Society Board Member Ben Kemp as we explore the incredibly unusual tale of Hugh Clemons. Find out the circumstances that brought a man born in New York into the service of the Confederate army and how he eventually ended up on the other side of the fight. We will discover how he was regarded when he returned to his native Luzerne after the war and the role he played in the community.

DATE:                    Thursday, June 27, 2019

TIME:                    7:00 pm

PLACE:                  Hadley-Luzerne Public Library, 19 Main St., Lake Luzerne




Regional Folk Legend Dan Berggren to Play 2 Free Concerts at the Adirondack Folk School

         AFS has once again received a Touba Family Foundation grant to provide live performances at the school during the year. These cultural events are free, and all are welcome! They’ll start with 2 concerts by the amazing Dan Berggren, musician, educator, Adirondack folk singer and songwriter, on Thursday evening, June 6th at 6:00PM & 7:00PM!  The performance will be held outdoors, so please bring your chair and umbrella! Dan has been featured nationally on public radio and television. He is Adirondack born and raised, but has entertained all over the country and abroad with his unique style that captures the spirit of our mountain home. We hope you will join us for a wonderful evening!

DATE:                    Thursday, June 6, 2019

TIME:                    6:00 pm and 7:00 pm

PLACE:                  The Adirondack Folk School, 51 Main St., Lake Luzerne




PO Box 39

203 Lake Tour Road

Lake Luzerne, NY 12846



LMC is getting ready for its 2019 season with the Luzerne Chamber Music Festival, the Faculty Artist Series, Student Concerts, Lake Luzerne Local Performances and the SPAC Young Artist Series.

June Listings:

Faculty Artist Concert #1   June 21, 2019   7:30 PM

Including music of Michael Kamen (4th Laker), Maurice Ravel, Ludwig van Beethoven, Jake Gunnar Walsh,

W.A. Mozart, Darius Milhaud and Antonín Dvorák.

Faculty Artist Concert #2   June 28, 2019   7:30 PM

Including music of Ingolf Dahl, Joseph Jongen, Lukas Foss, Jake Gunnar Walsh, Felix Mendelssohn, Paul Hindemith and Robert Schumann,

Tickets for Faculty Artist concerts: Adults $15 / Students $5 / 18 and under are free

Student Showcases

?Indoor Lodge

Saturday, June 22 – 7:30pm (Solo Showcase)

Friday, June 28 – 3:30pm (Chamber Showcase)

Piano Prelude

Indoor Lodge

Sunday, June 23 – 1:30pm

Saturday, June 29 – 1:30pm

Luzerne Symphony and Ensembles

Outdoor Shed Stage

Sunday, June 23 – 1:30pm

Saturday, June 29 – 1:30pm

Student Showcase concerts are free



Be careful what you put on your lawn.  The Goldberg’s’ shepherd’s hook was destroyed, and the seed bird feeders are gone.  We didn’t see the wrongdoer but given the extent of the damage we consider a bear to be a likely culprit.  The shepherd’s hook will be replaced but the new one will only hold bird houses, planters and hummingbird feeders.  Remaining seed will be scattered around for ground feeders and won’t be replaced when it’s gone.


UpRiver is now open 6 days/week from Tuesday through Sunday, from 11am – 9pm


This year’s Americade festival is in effect from now through June 8.  Watch out for bikes and check the website for events.